The Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) is a Crown Agency of the Province of Ontario and reports to the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.  As part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative which aims to make government more transparent and accountable, all classified agencies are required to publicly post governance documents and travel, meal, and hospitality expense information.

Please use the links below to view information on NEC’s governance and expense information:

(For reporting on previous years,  email

Memorandum of Understanding

The NEC’s relationship and obligations to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are laid out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).The MOU is an internal document which is reviewed every five years and when there is a change of Minister or Agency Chair.

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF – 326KB)

Business plan

In accordance with the MOU, the NEC must annually develop a business plan that is approved by the Minister which includes:

  • a financial budget covering a minimum of three years from the current fiscal year
  • a risk management plan

Niagara Escarpment Commission Business Plan 2022-2025 (PDF – 648KB)

Annual plan

The NEC must submit an annual report to the Minister within 120 days of its fiscal year end in order to inform the Legislative Assembly and the public of the agency’s activities.

Niagara Escarpment Commission Annual Report  2020-2021 (MS WORD – 1MB)

Travel expenses

The NEC reports travel expenses on a quarterly basis.

2022.06.30 Commissioner Chair Expenses 1stQtr 2022-23