Ontario Regulation 826/90 under the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act (NEPDA) describes lands within the Niagara Escarpment Plan Area which are designated as an Area of Development Control.  Lands located within the Area of Development Control could require a Development Permit from the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) for certain types of development. 

 Read the regulation: Ontario Regulation 826/90 

UPDATE – 01/07/2021

Regulation 826 has been amended to include new digital maps showing the Area of Development Control.

Development within the Area of Development Control may require a permit from the Niagara Escarpment Commission. After checking the maps, if your property is in Development Control, please consult our staff regarding your application.  If your property is not in the Area of Development Control, please contact your local municipality for planning approvals.

Use our interactive map to determine if your property is located within the Area of Development Control.  Alternatively, all individual maps are available for download.

UPDATE – 07/23/2021

The area known as Pleasant View Survey in the City of Hamilton is in the Niagara Escarpment Plan Area and is already subject to the policies of the Niagara Escarpment Plan. It is now proposed that this area become part of the Niagara Escarpment Commission’s Area of Development Control. If Regulation 826 is revised to include the Pleasant View Survey lands, new development would require a Development Permit from the Niagara Escarpment Commission, not the City of Hamilton.

View the Environmental Registry posting

Download the Pleasant View Survey map

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Ontario Regulation 828/90, under the NEPDA, lists the classes of development that are exempt from the requirement of obtaining a Development Permit from the NEC. Examples may include the maintenance, repair, replacement or decommission of a private sewage disposal system or roof mounted solar panels.  

Read the regulation: Ontario Regulation 828/90 

 To determine if your plans would be exempt from requiring a Development Permit from the NEC, view our interactive map or contact an NEC Planner.