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NEC Information System Support Guide: Development Permit Application Portal User



The NEC Information System provides land developers, business owners, municipal and agency partners, and citizens with improved search/find capabilities to locate relevant information regarding the Niagara Escarpment, implement programs, and automate notifications and reminders. It  offers an efficient digital approach that provides end-to-end support for applicants in accessing information, submitting applications and supporting information, tracking progress and status, and obtaining permits.


The Development Permit process was previously managed through a paper-based application system with no ability to submit or manage applications through electronic means. This modernization will allow for users and NEC staff to manage a database that’s easier to access for both parties.


The NEC Information System is built on an industry-leading cloud-based technology and provides a flexible online solution. The new portal provides a single point for data and information exchange between the NEC and Development Permit Applicants.


The NEC Information System has two key roles: Applicants and NEC Staff. Applicants can apply to both property owners and agents of property owners applying for a Development Permit Application (DPA). NEC Staff constitute any NEC employee that takes part in the processing of DPAs, including Planners, Senior Planners, Landscape Architects, Compliance Officers, Directors, Managers, and Administrators.



From NEC’s Information System’s homepage, users can begin to explore the program’s assets.

    • Apply for a Licence of Permit: Click to begin permitting process or, if you’ve applied for a permit in the past, view your previous applications

    • Do I need a permit?: Click to see if your property falls within the Niagara Escarpment Plan by using an interactive map.


NEC Information System’s header allows users to find several key elements.

    • Home: Navigates to the Homepage.
    • Account: Your personal dashboard showing previous Development Permit Applications and issued Development Permits.
    • Notifications Bell: Find recent and historic notifications from NEC Staff regarding your applications.
    • User Button: In the dropdown, find your NEC Information System page, My Ontario account page, and an option to log out.

Signing Up


To access the NEC Information System, users must first create a My Ontario account. Users can access the MyOntario login portal by clicking “Login” on the NEC Information System.

Verify Account

Once signed up, Users must verify their account through their email address to continue to the NEC Information System. Enter your verification code received in your email inbox to proceed.

Completing NEC Information System Signup

After your MyOntario account is created, please go to the NEC Information System home page to complete your account.

    • Select Account from top bar
    • Fill out required personal information (formats to follow: 123-456-7890 and 1A2 B3C)
    • Save

Note: Information submitted at this stage is for your MyOntario account only and is not connected to a future development permit application. Your account information can be updated at a later date by navigating to the Account page from the NEC Information System Homepage.

Creating an Application

Finding the Application Screen

From the NEC Information System homepage, select “Apply for License or Permit.”

If you have already applied or in the process of applying for a for a permit, you will be directed to your personal permit dashboard page. Select “New Application” to proceed.


Develop Permit Applications in the NEC Information System are divided into six parts: Notice, Agent or Owner, Property, Personal, Plan, and Attestation.

Users can save their application at any time by selecting “Save for Later” in the bottom corner. Users can also return to previous page(s) by clicking “Previous” in the bottom right corner.

Notice Page

To proceed, confirm the “Notice of collection and use” by checking the box at the bottom of the page and select “Next.”

Agent or Owner?

Select whether you’re applying as a property owner or as an agent representing a property owner. Personal information pertaining to this selection will return on the “Personal” page.

Property Page

Enter your property’s information including any Easements, Covenants, or Agreements associated with it.

    • Describe the type and terms of any easements, right-of-ways, covenants, agreements or other restrictions registered on or affecting the title of the property.

Personal Page

Review personal information. If you are applying on behalf of an owner, select “I am applying on behalf of the owner” and add corresponding information.

    • If you are an employee applying on behalf of a business, please follow the corresponding format:
      • First Name: [Business Number] Ontario Ltd.
      • Last Name: [Formal Name of Business]
      • Example: 14197235 Ontario Ltd. / Example Business Excavating

Plan Page

Add your plan information including a site plan. All uploaded files must be under 5MB. A project type and additional information must be included.

    • Include the site plan and any supporting documents as attachments

Attestation Page

Confirm the application and select “Submit.” This will confirm your application and submit it to the NEC.

Application Completion

Upon completion, you will be shown your development permit application page. Here, you can see your NEC File Number, NEC Lead, your application status, and Communication history with NEC. Also, you will be able to reply to NEC staff with or without attached files.

To find your application’s page from the portal’s homepage, select “Account” on the top bar. Here, you can view your active and historic development permits and their statuses. To select a permit, click the NEC File Number hyperlink associated with your permit.

Sending & Receiving Updates

Users are notified when NEC staff update their application both through their provided email address and on the portal. All notifications, including historical ones, can be found on the top bar through the bell icon.

Users can interact with NEC staff by sending messages and attachments from the application’s page.

    • To visit the application page from the NEC Information System homepage, select Account on the top bar to access your permit dashboard. Select your application’s NEC File Number under the Applications header.
    • From there, add comments under the “Reply to the NEC” header and attach documents.
    • Select “Post” to send the comments and documents to the NEC.

Accessing Permits

Users will be able to view their Development Application Permits after their applications are approved and labeled “Closed”.

    • To view the permit from the NEC Information System homepage, select Account on the top bar to access your permit dashboard.
    • From there, scroll to the bottom to the Permits section. Select your permit number.


Users looking for assistance navigating the program or inputting information are asked to contact

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